KINGFIELD – A town official accused of ramming his Jeep into his ex-girlfriend’s car and assaulting another man will appear in court later this month to consider a possible plea deal, according to the official’s attorney.

The town official, Douglas Marble, 33, faces multiple charges stemming from an alleged confrontation with his ex-girlfriend and two other men in New Vineyard on April 10.

The three people involved told police that Marble rammed his Jeep into his ex-girlfriend’s car and attacked another man who was a passenger in her car, according to a report by Maine State Police Trooper Joshua C. Birmingham.

Marble, who is the administrative assistant and code enforcement officer for the town of Kingfield, previously appeared Dec. 16 in Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington to answer to the charges.

At the hearing, prosecutors presented a plea deal that could have settled the case by requiring Marble to pay fines and follow other conditions to avoid jail time.

Chris Keirstead, the man Marble is accused of assaulting, addressed the court during the brief hearing, claiming the prosecution and defense attorneys both had details of the case incorrect.

Keirstead said he was struck by the Jeep as Marble was driving it.

Keirstead also said his ankle was broken during the incident, and he asked the court to impose a more severe punishment.

Franklin County Assistant District Attorney James Andrews, who is handling the prosecution of Marble, responded to the claims during the hearing.

There are discrepancies between the accounts of the incident given by Keirstead, the ex-girlfriend and another man, making it difficult to determine certain details, Andrews said.

Justice Michaela Murphy said at the hearing that she will set another court date to give attorneys and the court more time to address the claims made by Keirstead.

“It’s not typical for a victim to come in and say, ‘This is not true,’” Murphy said.

Marble is scheduled to appear for a hearing to discuss the case Jan. 20, said David Sanders, his attorney.

Marble also faces charges of domestic violence stalking, violating a protective order and criminal trespassing in the alleged confrontation.

Kingfield Board of Selectmen chair Heather Moody said recently that the court case has not affected Marble’s employment at the town.

She declined to comment on specifics of the case, and other board members could not be reached.

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