To the editor:

As a citizen of Brunswick for 84 years and a taxpayer for 64, may I take this opportunity to express my view of the appointed Village Review Board’s denial of All Saints Parish’s application to raze the building that stands on the corner of Union and Pleasant streets.

Since the parish now consists of six churches, some of the buildings are no longer needed. The cost of moving this structure is out of sight, so the only alternative is to demolish it.

As to the water runoff from said property, its already doing that and has since I was a child. I was sad to read that the rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church spoke against the demolition application.

In the past, both churches have had a great rapport with each other, even allowing use of each other’s parking area for special occasions. I strongly believe that’s what Christians do.

Our parish has many elderly people. St. John’s is in need of more parking for disabled people, and this side of our church is the easiest to help them attend Mass.

Please reconsider your vote very carefully, and with your hearts.

Julie Dionne,

[email protected]