The New York Giants may have their supporters in Maine, but this is Patriots country and Pats fans are feeling cocky.

The New England Patriots are the runaway favorite to win Sunday’s Super Bowl among a sampling of Maine luminaries from the fields of sports, entertainment and politics.

It’s telling that the only Mainer in the survey to forecast a Giants win is the master of horror himself, writer Stephen King of Bangor, a Pats fan unfazed by the darker side of life.


Former Patriots coach and Old Town native

PREDICTION: Patriots, 24-17

WHY: “The Patriots have it all in my opinion — great coaching staff, personnel, offense and defense. That defense is solid enough to get after the New York Giants. (The Pats) have been more consistent through the whole year.”


Maine Republican

PREDICTION: Patriots, 31-28

WHY: “…with Tom Brady — one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, if not the best — leading the offense to four touchdowns, and Stephen Gostkowski adding a field goal that will make the difference!”


Author and Bangor resident

PREDICTION: Giants, 24-17

WHY: “I’m a Patriots fan from the word go … and I respect the hell out of Bill Belichick, but I think the Giants have got a kind of hoodoo thing going. I expect it to be a great, close game, maybe one decided by an unlucky fumble or one of those jaw-dropping catches, but in the end …”


Maine Democrat

PREDICTION: Patriots, 24-17

WHY: “The Patriots are going to win because they have Tom Brady, and Brady is good every day.”


Portland Sea Dogs manager

PREDICTION: Patriots, 27-20

WHY: “After meeting and talking with Rob Gronkowski when he came out to Hadlock Field … I have to go with the Pats. Plus, they have a guy named Tom Brady, who looks like he can throw a little.”


Kennebunk man who has attended every Super Bowl

PREDICTION: Patriots, 31-28

WHY: “It really depends on how well the Patriots defense, and particularly their secondary, holds up, and I think we need to hope for a bad day for Eli Manning and a good day for Tom Brady. I think it’s going to be who has the ball last, and hopefully it’s us.”JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON

Olympic gold medalist and Freeport resident

PREDICTION: Patriots, 43-21

WHY: “I’m rooting for the Patriots even though Tom Brady stood me up on a (photo) shoot one time.”


UMaine defensive lineman and Windham native

PREDICTION: Patriots, 31-27

WHY: “I think it’s going to come down to the battle up front, the Patriots’ offensive line versus the Giants’ defensive line. I think the Super Bowl experience Tom Brady has, and if Gronkowski plays, it’s going to look real good for the Patriots.”


Maine Democrat

PREDICTION: Patriots, 17-14

WHY: “Another thriller, decided in the final minutes.”


Maine Republican

PREDICTION: Patriots, 24-20

WHY: “I recognize that there are a good number of Giants fans in our state, but I predict Tom Brady will add a fourth Super Bowl ring to his collection. Go Patriots.”