MANCHESTER — Maine’s consumer fireworks industry will launch on Thursday, when the state’s first retail fireworks store plans to open.

The large Pyro City sign is up in front of a former used-car dealership building on Route 202, and signs near the door warn against smoking and using fireworks near the building.

On Monday, Steve Marson and a crew of workers and contractors stocked colorful packages of explosives on the shelves and got ready for a final state inspection.

Marson, who has been handling fireworks for about 40 years, figures he will have more than $1 million at stake between the Manchester store and three others he hopes to open in Maine by July.

The industry has taken shape in Maine since a decades-old ban on selling and using fireworks was lifted this year.

“The state Legislature has given us an opportunity to use fireworks, like they do in 32 other states,” said Marson, 56.

“But as fast as they allowed it to be reality, it can go away just as fast. We’ll be a very professionally run business. We’ll be enforcing the requirements of the law because we want this to be around for a long time.”

Five people have been hired to work at the store, and all had to go through background checks, including fingerprinting, Marson said.

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