THIS PHOTO shows Freeport Station in 1950 with one day’s shipments from L.L. Bean.

THIS PHOTO shows Freeport Station in 1950 with one day’s shipments from L.L. Bean.

BOOTHBAY — The Boothbay Railway Village ( BRV) will host a free program titled “ Maine Railroad Stations, 1960-1980” at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. The program is the fourth in the museum’s winter speakers series.

“Before the existence of an improved road and highway system, and before the widespread use of trucks and automobiles, the commerce of this country was carried in freight trains,” a BRV release states. “Railroads in the state of Maine connected towns and cities within this state and with the rest of the United States. The focal point of passenger service was the local railroad station. Nearly every town and village boasted of having a railroad station.”

Ben English Jr. will lead the presentation. He graduated from Nasson College in Springvale, prior to beginning his 34-year career teaching English and social studies to junior high school students. While at Nasson, he met another student there, George McEvoy, who was interested in railroads, and the two of them began to visit the Sanford & Eastern Railroad which operated between Sanford and Westbrook. The S& E employees welcomed them and sometimes invited them to ride their freight trains to Westbrook and return.

The program will include a slide show of railway station photos taken between 1961 and 1987.

“ The copy slides are of postcards and photographs of earlier times,” the release states. “In addition to seeing the photographs, the audience will hear a few anecdotes and learn a few details about these railroad stations.”

Those who attend are invited to bring photographs of Maine railroad stations.

The Boothbay Railway Village is located on Route 27. For more information call 633- 4727 or visit

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