State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin listed seven private sources of income — including his two businesses — on an annual financial disclosure report he filed earlier this month.

Poliquin owns the Popham Beach Club in Phippsburg and Dirigo Holdings, a condominium developer. His other income sources are real estate and financial investments. The financial report for 2011 includes only sources of outside income, and does not say how much they provided.

Poliquin’s business activity has drawn criticism from Democrats because the state Constitution prohibits the treasurer from engaging in business. Attorney General William Schneider advised Poliquin to hand off his business duties to others, and Poliquin has said he no longer is involved in the day-to-day operations.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court declined a request from the House of Representatives last month to rule on whether Poliquin has violated the Constitution.

Poliquin had to amend the financial disclosure report he filed last year after Democrats complained that it did not include his businesses. This year, Poliquin listed those businesses and more, including his son’s summer internship in New York City.

Poliquin’s disclosure form is one of dozens filed this month by executive officers of the state. The disclosures are required annually to reveal any financial conflicts of interest. Most forms are short.

Gov. Paul LePage, for example, reported no sources of additional income. He did report liabilities, including a car loan and a mortgage. And he disclosed that he is a member of the Rotary Club and the Lions Club.

Attorney General Schneider reported that he received investment income and disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Schneider uses a wheelchair as the result of an accident while he was serving in an Army special forces unit.

Secretary of States Charlie Summers reported investment income and a second income as a commander in the Naval Reserve.

The reports are available at

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