PORTLAND — Maine author Richard Russo and his daughter, illustrator Kate Russo, will appear at Longfellow Books in Portland’s Monument Square tonight at 6.

A press-release from Longfellow Books says the Pulitzer Prize-winning author has teamed up with his daughter to present “Interventions,” their tribute to the printed book.

Kate Russo explains that the book grew out of a “lifelong conversation” between her and her father over art, his narrative language and her visual one. Together they chose the stories – Kate’s favorite, ‘Horseman,” and Richard’s, “High and Dry – and The Whore’s Child,” the title story of an earlier collection.

Richard Russo wrote a novella that provides the thematic bridge and gives the collection its name, “Interventions.”

For “Interventions,” says Kate, “we wanted a book about the obsessions people have and what drives them to that point.”  Her father notes, “All four (stories) have some element in which an outside force profoundly intervenes in someone’s life. That’s what Kate does as an artist.”

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