To the editor:

After meeting at length with all three candidates competing for the Maine House of Representatives seat for District 106 and having attended the debates, I have decided to give my vote to Melanie Sachs on June 12.

This is why:

Over the years helping craft and support legislation at the state level, I have learned that legislative work entails taking small steps to achieve great goals. To do this, representatives need to be able to identify problems, distill and break them down, look at them from multiple angles and arrive at practical solutions.

Melanie Sachs has shown that she has the level of sophisticated thinking to solve problems in a creative way. This quality will be essential to success in a time of budget shortfalls, downsizing and gridlock.

In addition, she is an excellent communicator: When Sachs speaks, she commands attention and respect. Coupled with her ability to connect with people on a very human level — a result of her extensive experience — her eloquence and her courage position her uniquely to stand for the people of Freeport and Pownal.

Melanie’s intelligence, strength, integrity and compassion make her an ideal candidate in these difficult times. Please join me in supporting Melanie Sachs on June 12.

Valy Steverlynck