DAMARISCOTTA — The Lincoln Theater will show the “Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s version of “The Tempest” at 7 p.m. Thursday.

The production stars Christopher Plummer, who won the 2012 Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in “Beginnings.”

Believed to be Shakespeare’s final complete work, “The Tempest” “pits the desire for revenge against the demands of love and asks if man is capable of creating a brave new world,” according to a Lincoln Theater release.

“The story focuses on Prospero (Christopher Plummer), the banished Duke of Milan. Marooned on a distant island with his daughter, Miranda (Trish Lindström), Prospero has spent 12 years perfecting his magic arts. Now, with the help of the spirit Ariel (Julyana Soelistyo), he raises a storm at sea, bringing within his grasp the enemies who robbed him of his dukedom,” the release states.

In addition to the 131- minute presentation of the theatrical play, Thursday’s screening will include a 20- minute live interview with Plummer.

Adult tickets cost $15. Youth tickets cost $5. The Lincoln Theater is located at 2 Theater St.

Additional information can be found on the theater’s website www.atthelincoln.org or by calling 563-3424.

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