SKOWHEGAN — A mother of three from Clinton was credited Thursday with pulling an unconscious man and his young daughter to safety from deep water at Lake George Regional Park.

Renee Dostie, 30, said she saw the child bobbing in the water about 50 feet from shore and jumped in to help.

“A woman started yelling that she needed someone that was a strong swimmer — her daughter needed help,” said Dostie. “I started swimming out there. I didn’t know that there was a guy out there, too.”

Dostie said the girl, about 5, was “freaking out” and appeared to be pushing her father under the water as she tried to stay afloat.

“Her father didn’t come up at all,” Dostie said. “I told the little girl that she needed to calm down. I just grabbed her arm and pulled them in.”

By then, others had called 911. The man regained consciousness and was taken to Redington-Fairview General Hospital. The girl was fine, Dostie said.

Paul Borneman III, 33, of Nantucket, Mass., was in good condition, said a nursing supervisor.