Bravo Zulu Mr. Beem, mission accomplished. (Please excuse the military reference.) You met your primary objective of using inflammatory language to incite people to talk about your column and entrench your spot in The Forecaster. Additionally, you were able to once again solidify the position of the far left by attacking those you disagree with, mocking the military and attempting to divide the country along any lines you can. I understand that your column was supposed to be “tongue in cheek” and the conservative stereotypes you threw out were supposed to make those on the left giggle with delight, but it mostly serves your primary purpose, to divide.

As a member of the military, I went through about four emotions in 10 seconds as I read your column. Anger, then disgust, then forgiveness, then pride. The pride stood out the most. I once again realized that my service, Mr. Summers’ service and Mr. Tyll’s service as well as the service of countless others has enabled you to exercise that beloved First Amendment fundamental freedom you enjoy. Mocking the military, even in a satirical column, serves no purpose but to show what a small-minded, unappreciative America hater you really are.

You serve to shift the far left agenda ever-further to the left. You succeed in alienating more and more folks in the middle, thus pushing them to the right of center. Keep up the good work Mr. Beem, you are unknowingly the MVP of the Conservative cause.

Jason Warnke