On the heels of a rabies case reported Oct. 3 in Bath, a skunk killed Tuesday on Richardson Drive has been declared rabid.

Phippsburg Animal Control Officer Steve Freeman said Wednesday the state Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory ruled that the skunk was rabid. The skunk had been spotted twice acting strangely when resident Matt Moore shot it, Freeman said.

Meanwhile, two dogs at the home have been quarantined. One of the dogs might have been in contact with the skunk, and that dog later came in contact with the other one, Freeman said. Though both dogs had just received their rabies shots, he said they must stay quarantined in cages at the home for six months.

Police Chief John Skroski advised people to be cautious.

“Don’t approach any wild animals,” he said.

Freeman said he was called to the Richardson Drive residence a little after noontime Tuesday. The skunk was reported going around in circles and approaching a man there who was splitting wood, Freeman said.

He was unable to locate the skunk when he arrived, Freeman said.

Later, at around 2:30 or so, Moore spotted the skunk underneath the porch and shot it, Freeman said.

“You’re allowed to shoot something like that in your yard,” Freeman said.

Freeman said he returned to the residence, and took the skunk away. His son, Derek, took it to the lab in Augusta on Tuesday night, Freeman said.

A rabid raccoon was found in Bath on Oct. 3, and a rabid cat was discovered in Richmond on Sept. 20.

This was the first case of rabies in Phippsburg in quite some time, Freeman said.

“Make sure your animals are up to date with their rabies shots,” he advised.

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