We know western North Dakota is in need of more housing, but a pyramid? Really?

An Atlanta-based company is proposing to build a 371-foot tall pyramid-shaped structure that would include 500 apartments, indoor parking, a mall, a movie theater, bowling alley, restaurants, a hockey rink, a baseball field and ponds, among other features. The price tag? A staggering $130 million, or more.

Officials from Camp and Associates are working to purchase 80 acres of land east of Williston for the project. Gil Geiger, vice president of the company, said he and partner Bill Camp created the concept to help with the housing needs in North Dakota, but also to create something unique that would bring visitors to the area.

A pyramid? Really?

The 371-foot tall structure, which would take up to two years to build, would dwarf the state Capitol, currently the tallest building in the state at roughly 242 feet. Such a massive building certainly would stand out on the northwest North Dakota prairie, rising above the area’s oil drilling platforms.

But would it stand out in a good way?

Would the designers be able to find funding? Would area residents support such a different looking building? While we appreciate the company’s outside-the-box thinking, we certainly have our doubts whether the project ever becomes reality.

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