To the Editor:

Fred Horch is my choice of the candidates for District 66 in the Maine House.

He is, in my opinion, the strongest and best qualified candidate in the race.

Fred is an attorney, a family man, and a parent of three students in public school.

He is a thoughtful, honorable and very intelligent man. Fred’s focus and values are strongly needed in Augusta.

Fred is a businessman, and he will work hard to put people to work while supporting wise, clean and sustainable growth. Access to quality health care for all is one of his priorities — one that I support full-heartedly. Fred’s training and experience as a lawyer make him uniquely qualified among the candidates to understand and craft laws that make sense for our state’s people and businesses.

Fred’s passion for maintaining a healthy and productive environment will lend itself to the preservation of the natural resources we all hold dear in Maine.

Fred is approachable, well informed, mature, experienced, and he has an abundance of energy for the work.

I am confident he will work hard for us in this district, and be responsive to his constituents’ concerns.

Fred’s status as a Green Independent should benefit us all. I think we have all had enough of partisan bickering and power brokering in all aspects of lawmaking by now.

His working in the Legislature as an independent will enable him to lend his support and his strengths to the crafting of good policy on both sides of the aisle.

Unbound from the constraints of the two-party system, Fred will be best positioned to work as a unifier rather than a divider in creating wise legislation.

Please join me in supporting Fred for the Legislature on Nov. 6.

Michaelanne Rosenzweig