You wouldn’t send an expert economist out to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. That’s a job for a Navy SEAL. So don’t send a Navy SEAL to Augusta to do the job of an expert economist.

Maine needs Dick Woodbury’s economic expertise and leadership more than ever. The economy is at the top of the list of challenges facing Maine. Now is not the time to remove from the Legislature Maine’s No. 1 expert on tax policy, pension plans, and Social Security. Woodbury has built a solid foundation in Augusta tackling these issues and has earned the respect and support of both parties. He has depth of understanding about the issues that I have rarely seen in a candidate.

Re-elect Dick Woodbury and it won’t be just District 11 who will be served by Woodbury, but the entire state of Maine.

Vote for independent Dick Woodbury, District 11.

Hannah Klepinger

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