We are in the midst of an ideological battle over how the country should be governed: liberty and freedom versus government control and dependency.

I believe in the principles that made our country the greatest in the world, and I believe that those principles are what separate and define us as a nation.

Liberty, and the freedom to make of my life what I put into it, is more attractive than depending on the government to provide my livelihood and tell me how to live. These principles, along with the rule of law, not the empty words of a demagogue, are what keep our country from chaos.

Charlie Summers is a man who has fought for those principles of liberty and freedom by putting his life on the line for our nation. He is a man of conviction and backbone who will stand up, in the U.S. Senate, for what he believes in and knows is right.

The people of this state and country deserve a senator who will fight for their right to liberty and freedom. Charlie didn’t take gunfire for this country to come back and see our livelihood at stake because the government is on a power trip.

I am voting for Charlie Summers because he is the right man for the job.


Diane M. Bailey

South Berwick


‘Spoiler’ image clouds view of what Greens have to offer


I appreciated Greg Kesich’s recent column on Asher Platts, Green-Independent candidate for state Senate (“Pupil takes on master in Portland state Senate race,” Oct. 17).


As a friend and fellow Green, I am drawn to Platts’ support for single-payer health care, universal college education, higher taxes for the wealthy and ending the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. Asher is an intelligent, compassionate, dedicated activist and a champion of economic justice.

The greatest challenge Green Party candidates like Platts face is the almost complete lack of media coverage. As a third party, Greens are generally considered “spoilers” by the mainstream media and, therefore, unworthy of serious coverage.

This is unfortunate because it prevents voters from realizing they have additional choices beyond the Republican and Democratic parties. In fact, Maine has the highest percentage of registered Greens in the country.

So what makes the Green Party different? For starters, we do not take any corporate money. Wall Street, Big Oil and the for-profit health insurance industry have absolutely zero influence over us. And there are no super PACs working on our candidates’ behalf. As a result, candidates like Platts can remain true to their principles and values without fear they will alienate potential corporate donors.

While the two corporate parties remain beholden to moneyed interests and Wall Street elites, the Green Party is a genuine voice for peace, economic justice and the environment.

Other Portland Green candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot include: Tom MacMillan (House, District 119), Holly Seeliger (School Board) and Seth Berner (House, District 115). They all deserve your vote.


Rose Clemente, 2008 Green vice-presidential candidate, said it best: “The Green Party is no longer the alternative. The Green Party is the imperative.”

Adam Marletta

chairman, Portland Green-Independent Committee


Dill combines compassion with keen grasp of issues



I’m supporting Cynthia Dill for U.S. Senate because I believe she is the best candidate in the race.

Cynthia has experience running a small business, advocating for civil rights, and legislating as a state representative and senator.

She supports workers’ rights, equal rights for women in the workplace and health care, protecting Social Security and Medicare, effective health care reform and marriage equality.

She opposes continuing tax cuts for the wealthy and the Keystone XL pipeline and hydrofracking.

She is clear and consistent on these issues.

We know where Cynthia stands and that she’ll stand up for all of Maine’s citizens.


Cynthia understands complex issues such as national defense, nuclear power, jobs and the economy and can balance competing priorities while sticking to her core values.  

Cynthia has consistently stood up for the best in traditional Maine values while at the same time working to improve our democracy and our economy. I believe Cynthia Dill has the experience, values and commitment to be a great senator.

Susan Payne

Cape Elizabeth


Portland, state have much to offer creative economy



I was pleased to see your coverage of the recent award dinner for the Maine Center for Creativity. The event was a great opportunity to celebrate creativity and pay tribute to creative people and organizations that enrich our lives and our society.

In an iPhone video produced for the event, we interviewed more than 50 people and showcased great examples of creativity in arts and music, business, science, law and medicine, government and other sectors. Former MIT Media Lab director Frank Moss showcased others.

While Maine may not have the deep concentration of creative organizations found in major metro areas, we have a distinguished history of creativity, we often “punch above our weight class” and we have a lot to feel good about. Creative businesses such as Idexx, Direct Vet Marketing, Wright Express and many others are growing rapidly. Creativity drives the success of nonprofit organizations such as The Jackson Laboratory, Maine Medical Center and others. Our creative arts and music ecosystems are vibrant.

Creativity and imagination can benefit us all, and it is encouraging to see the focus directed to this by the Maine Center for Creativity. Our video included references to widely recognized creativity drivers including deep insight into unmet customer needs, encouragement of diverse points of view and freedom of expression, interdisciplinary teams, novel synthesis of ideas, and the adoption of audacious goals. Organizations that successfully employ these and other creativity drivers can achieve higher levels of performance and inspire others.

It was an honor to celebrate creativity with the Maine Center for Creativity, and I share the hope that broader development of creative opportunities will further enhance life in Maine.


David E. Shaw

Black Point Group



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