To the Editor:

The Childrens Defense Fund wants you to believe that we need to get rid of guns to protect children.

Which children? When you open the FBI web page for murders by age, it gets real interesting. For children up to age 4, the majority of murders is caused by “hands, feet or fists,” followed by “other,” which includes drowning. Then comes firearms.

Why, then, the focus on guns as a danger to children? Why not “hands, feet, fists”?

The protection of the little children younger than 4 is not being addressed, at the expense of a focus on guns.

I submit that the real agenda is to remove guns from the people; not for their protection, but for their control.

Despots have slaughtered millions of people in history … unarmed people.

Disarming the people is necessary if you intend to control them, and the reasons offered in the past to accomplish that are irrelevant, unless you realize that they said and did whatever they had to in order to get the guns.

That is what is happening now. First the guns, then the control of the masses by a few in government, then what?

It has happened before. Are you ready?

Larry Grimard