HARPSWELL — The renovation and new building project for the 108-year-old Orr’s Island Library is nearly complete, thanks to 530 donations over a period of four years, organizers said.

Six foundations contributed in excess of $66,000, donations came from 29 states, and Harpswell citizens approved three gifts totaling $50,000. Library trustees approved allocating $72,000 from its reserve. The balance of the funding came from individual gifts ranging from 1 cent to $10,000.

The $475,000 project led to a new reading room and shelving, a dry and heated storage area, retrofits such as a new wheelchair lift to allow compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a new gas-fired heating system and a refurbished reading room with a new gas fireplace, skylights and ceiling fans.

The library will celebrate with a grand opening Aug. 18. Visit www.orrsisland library.org or call 833-5430 for information.

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