PORTLAND — A series of car crashes during a rainy morning on Interstate 295 Friday led to intermittent traffic jams on the busy transportation corridor.

The most recent crash involved a single car headed north in Brunswick.

Rescue workers transported one person from the scene.

A northbound car lost control at the Route 1 exit ramp at about 10:30 a.m., police said. Firefighters used extrication tools to get the person out.

The crash was one of several on I-295 as heavy rain left little room for driving errors.

In Portland, a northbound car apparently hit a cement block in the roadway on Tukey’s Bridge at 8:54 a.m., according to Maine State Police.

Nobody was hurt but the crash created major traffic delays in the north end of Portland.

Earlier Friday morning, southbound traffic on I-295 was delayed by three separate crashes in succession in Falmouth, Cumberland and Freeport, state police said.

The Falmouth crash happened just after 7 a.m. at Mile 11, blocking one lane of traffic and forcing cars to merge.

The second accident happened at Mile 13 in Cumberland when a pickup truck that was driving too fast for the rainy conditions lost control and hit a guardrail, backing up traffic into Yarmouth, police said.

A third crash, which was minor, happened in Freeport, probably as a result of traffic congestion caused by the first two crashes, police said.

“It was a mess over there,” said state Trooper Anthony Keim, who was patrolling the Maine Turnpike and drove over to assist other troopers on I-295.

Police said the southbound crashes during the morning commute resulted in no serious injuries.