I read Robert Skoglund’s June 29 column (“Dutch retool national imagery as windmills fall out of fashion“) with bemused interest.

He doesn’t have the wild Luddite style of M.D. Harmon.

Instead he delivers his misinformation in the style of Twain or Will Rogers, but his salient points are pure reactionary.

Wind power is not good because the Dutch are tearing down some ancient windmills.

Lispy, nerdy, somewhat less than masculine supply-side economists are right, but nobody will listen to them.

President Obama is criminally insane.

American males admire giant, lusty Norse rapists.

He doesn’t know or care anything about solar power and, oh yeah, Lewiston-Auburn is full of violent low-class thugs who nonetheless can afford baseball bats and tattoos.

Come on, is this the best you can do?

Jeff Ritter is a resident of Boothbay Harbor.