Alison Harris and I worked closely for several years on the board of People Plus. She is one of the best listeners I know. Alison is a quick study. She sees what needs to be done, steps forward and does it. She never failed to advocate for right action and for those served by People Plus.

Alison’s energy is boundless. Her commitment and dedication are unwavering. Her responsiveness is prompt, thoughtful and caring. She can make and implement difficult choices, opting for doing what’s right, as opposed to what might be popular. If she sees she is wrong, she admits it and moves forward positively.

Alison takes her commitments seriously and brings her many strengths together to fulfill them responsibly. She will make her constituents proud and thankful she is their representative.

She is the right choice to serve District 6 on Brunswick’s Town Council. Voters will be very well served.

J. Gregory Shea

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