To the Editor:

My friends who are discouraged about what is going on in our country say to me, “What are you thinking in trying to stand up to a multibillion-dollar corporation, General Dynamics and its subsidiary, Bath Iron Works? How could you make any difference in questioning their most recent request for another tax break from the city of Bath? They have all the power!”

I say to them, “We do have power. Are we willing to just resign ourselves? Are we happy with the inequality in this country, in our town? Are we going to “cover our eyes and ears” and not pay attention?

This is a local issue. We are dealing with a local business and our City Council. We are asking for clarification, transparency and understanding of TIFs.

I stand for equality. The inequality of power that keeps occurring in our country is very destructive to our democracy.

Locally, we have a say. We can understand this issue and then we, as informed citizens, can make informed decisions. We can give feedback to our City Council, which ultimately makes the decision on these tax breaks.

Let this serve as an invitation to a public forum on BIW’s request for tax breaks, 6:30 p.m., Wednesday at Bath City Hall.

Susan Lubner