To the Editor:

I have a growing concern about the standards of your editorial staff.

For a paper with a normally moderate to liberal flavor, I think it an openminded move to allow more conservative voices to be aired. That said, the selection of Edward Tharp’s OpEds as a regular feature is disturbing.

The material in his column provides no substance. Facts and details that might be persuasive are omitted in favor of speculation and inflammatory hubris.

Why would The Times Record position itself as a conduit for right-wing talking points?

Gina Hamilton, whether or not you support her views, does provide substantive and wellresearched material on the OpEd page — some of the best. Mr. Tharp might keep that in mind when he next takes it upon himself to speculate about the motivations of the state’s leaders.

Gov. (Paul) LePage is not a saint and Senator (Seth) Goodall is not evil.

John Graham