I am a Master Recreational Guide who owns and runs a canoe guide business, running multi-day trips on rivers and lakes in the North Maine Woods.

Over 18 years of guiding, I’ve seen firsthand the increase in extreme weather; high winds, extended heat waves, severe downpours and winter seasons that have been shortened on both ends by a week or more.

Climate change threatens our economy and quality of life. My business depends on Maine’s great outdoors, and, unless we act, our great outdoors and our way of life are in danger from climate change.

More rain and less snow hurts our ski industry. Warmer, shorter winters are great for ticks, but bad for people who get more Lyme disease, and for moose that are suffering – even dying – from tick attacks. Rising water temperatures in Maine lakes and streams are putting our world-class fishing at risk.

But there’s something we can do: Since fossil-fueled power plants are the nation’s largest source of carbon pollution, business owners are urging Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to support national carbon pollution standards as strong as Maine’s for all power plants.

It’s common sense, and good business sense, too. Maine and the Northeast are already tackling power plant carbon pollution through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Now it is time for the rest of the country to move with us.

These national carbon pollution standards will reward Maine by leveling the playing field, and further cleaning up our air. Maine’s senators can play a critical role in standing up to support the new carbon pollution standards. Take action – we can all play a critical role by encouraging Sen. Collins and Sen. King to lead on this issue.

David Butler

Master Recreational Guide

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