Wow, that was some diatribe that letter writer Ralph Ginorio wrote in Dec. 29 Telegram about health care reform, including his denouncement of all Democrats who supported it (“Supporters of Obamacare should be voted out of office,” Dec. 29).

He complained that “we have lost control over the most intimate and personal of our choices: We’ve lost control over how we will care for our own bodies.” Ah, that’s the same complaint women have!

Women are in a continual battle with the Republican and tea party members who are intent on denying women the right to control their own bodies and are against Planned Parenthood health care, the use of contraceptives, abortion even when raped, etc.

It would seem that we can agree with Mr. Ginorio that all of us want control over how we will care for our own bodies. I plan to vote Democratic.

Gene Proctor

West Bath

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