There is a time in every life when it comes time to clean out an attic, garage, or basement. Primarily one finds a lot of junk but every now and then one finds a treasure.

The treasure often has little value except for the people involved. I found this out the other day by looking in an old box filled with relics when my daughter was young and I felt a lot younger. It read as follows:


Webster defines the word “regret” as “distress of mind on account of something beyond one’s power to remedy.” I’m going to attempt to change this definition by forcing it in my power to remedy.

You see, Jess, I never took the time to show you something I always knew existed but never had the courage to attempt to explain. Something does exist within all of us that can only be described as spiritual. It is not concrete, which makes it very uncomfortable to understand. But it is there.

When times become bad, and they always do sometime in our lives, I turn to this something I can’t understand.


I read chapters of a book that is the basis of all human thoughts. Now these words could be in the Bible or the Quran, or even in the Upanishads. They are all the same even though they are in different languages and based on different societies. They all describe a spirit of which we all originated.

Reading these words helps me get through difficult times. For the past few years, I make it a point to read the words in good times and in all times. I want to take this time to give you this present so you can attempt to understand what all humanity can’t understand.

But beware! People have a tendency to use these words to empower themselves. I never trusted people. I never trusted any organization of people to represent the words. Just use the words themselves and they will help you make good decisions and help you through all the good times and the bad.

I give this gift to you because I believe I could never find a more precious gift because I love you so very much. – Dad


There is a time in every life when it comes time to clean out an attic, garage or basement. A mind also isn’t a bad thing to clean out.

— Special to the Telegram


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