Forget the war on women or gays – what we are having in this state from Gov. LePage and this country’s Republican Party is a war on the poor.

The GOP in Washington is pushing forward with cuts to food stamps as well as other programs that help poor people in this country. I feel this is because the poor have no voice, no lobbyist in D.C. to speak for them and let their voices be heard.

The governor here in Maine is now saying the food stamp cards are being used for things other than food (“LePage: Transaction records show welfare cards abused,” Jan. 8). Why not go after those who abuse the card and the system, instead of blasting those of us who need those food stamps to live?

Gov. LePage, by his tactics and talk of welfare and food stamp fraud, goes hand in hand with what is coming from D.C. A vote to re-elect LePage is a vote to continue this war on poor people.

What next – a war on the elderly? They get government help, too. Keep an eye on Medicare – it’s just a matter of time.

Tom Musser


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