Of course this follows a series of letters that attack Eliot Cutler as being too cowardly to run in the Democratic primary against Mike Michaud, accusing him of being a spoiler who, because of ego, will surely guarantee a second term for our “beloved” governor.

With each letter, I can envision a gleeful Gov. LePage urging these well-intentioned supporters on in this blood sport.

I ask – no, I implore – the people of Maine to please listen to candidates Michaud and Cutler, both honorable, capable men who can lead our state forward.

As the campaign progresses, examine their visions for Maine, evaluate their characters and then compare them to Gov. LePage’s persona and record.

I also urge you to make your position known throughout the campaign season, but do it respectfully, and before you cast your ballot in November.

I’d like you to remember the last election, when Libby Mitchell supporters hung on to the dim hope that she would win, consequently ensuring a LePage victory.


I know this will sound almost sacrilegious to ardent supporters of each man, but when the final polls are taken I urge you to face reality, swallow your pride and do what is best for Maine: Unite behind the man who has the best chance of defeating LePage – that is the only sure way that Maine can win.

Tom Sellers



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