To all my fellow freedom-loving patriots, this is a reminder that February marks the time many years ago that led to the adoption by a foreign power of the benefits of democracy. This foreign power today ranks high in world powers.

One of Windham’s very own was one of the stalwart young men who led a platoon of Marines across the unforgiving terrain known as “Iwo Jima,” a bit of real estate owned by the Japanese empire, 600 miles from their homeland.

Among the 7,000 Americans who gave their utmost was James Allen, farmer, statesman, God-loving protector, U.S. Marine. Millions have learned and benefited because of them and their comrades all over the world.

When I view “Old Glory,” I visualize these dedicated citizens who ensured us the right to justice and freedom.

Although there is just a small marker depicting Jim Allen’s name on a plot in Smith Cemetery, his contribution looms big in the eyes of the world. “Freedom is not free” but is “the light of the world!”

Fred Collins