I am officially making a complaint regarding the board of directors of the Sanford/Springvale YMCA, on a prejudicial stipulation held against my daughters.

I feel that there was not just cause in disallowing my daughters to attend the Father-Daughter Dance of 2014 due to the fact that there is no father/male role model in their lives. I could see if this was enforced in years past, but as they have been attending this dance since 2009, I find this completely unfair and unaccommodating.

When asked to contact friends of my community I may know to be going, and ask to attach tickets to their group to be sneaky, was an unethical matter for me to swallow instead of just allowing them to go. It is not like they will be arriving with the family they would be attached to, and therefore would be no different than purchasing two tickets on their own.

I understand the initial thought of having a Father-Daughter Dance and what the theme was trying to establish, but in the changing of times and the difficult family structures of today, some accommodations need to be made, and this would be one of them, along with the other case-by-case scenarios presented.

Therefore, I am requesting at least an apology to be made to my daughters for not allowing them the honor of attending the dance as well as future accommodations to be made to allow attendance to be opened up to allow non-conformed society-based standards.

-Rebecca Simpson, Sanford