It’s time to divide the Olympic Games into two separate events: the Athletic Games and the Performance Games. The distinction would be whether or not judges decide the winner.

In Sochi, the Performance Games would include “almost sports”: figure skating, ice dancing, halfpipe, slopestyle (sorry, Jeff), moguls and aerials. These sports have hidden judges who make subjective decisions about who gets which medal, in some cases based on make-up and wardrobe.

Really? A true athlete should not have to sit and wait to find out their score. I hate it as a fan. These athletes are to be respected and admired, but no more so than musicians, actors, dancers and other artists.

The Athletic Games would include “true sports”: hockey, luge, skeleton, bobsled, long- and short-track speedskating, Alpine and Nordic ski racing, biathlon, curling and skiercross/boardercross. Ski jumping could get in if they eliminated those silly style points. Do they decide the long jump on style points? C’mon. Furthest down the hill wins.

In the Summer Games, we could dump gymnastics (rhythmic or otherwise), synchronized swimming, dressage (sorry, Ruth) and others into the Performance Games where they belong.

Who wants to join me in this effort to let the athletes alone decide who wins medals?

Chris Neagle



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