It is quite distressing that you awarded a “thumbs up” to the near-completion of a great disservice to thousands of Mainers – the Department of Health and Human Services office displacement (“Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down: A review of Maine news,” March 8).

You rejoiced that the Portland City Council did “approve easements that will allow the project to move forward.” The problem is that the move isn’t “forward”; it’s afar.

Thankfully, you acknowledged that the remote relocation “is a terrible idea.” And then you rightfully added, “Needy people will suffer needlessly.”

How, then, can you celebrate the near-completion of such a questionable process and such an undesirable outcome? Politicians and people protested. Nevertheless, contracts were signed and easements granted.

You said that Portland “should not be playing games with developers.” In fact, Portland is playing games with the lives of the poor.

Mike Berkowitz

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