By Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

You have no doubt heard me rant and rave about developing your information security program, the changing threats businesses face on a daily basis, and different ways to make your data more secure. Today, I am here to give you three solid reasons why a Managed Security Service can help you meet your business objectives.

Information security is a complex and rapidly evolving field. Not many businesses can afford to have a dedicated, knowledgeable security specialist on staff. While many organizations would usually need a few hours of expertise per week, it is nearly impossible to hire a part-time resource, as they are very much in demand right now. Enter the idea of outsourcing your security functions with a proven Managed Security Service. Here are three reasons why every small and medium sized business needs to invest in this:

  1. You can’t do it all. Or, you can’t do it all “well.” Outsourcing used to be a bad word, but now is seen as something that offers the very real value of allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies as a business. Engaging a trusted provider with a proven track record is the more fail-safe way to begin to develop your culture and environment of security.
  1. Evolving threats. The threat landscape is constantly changing. Just as soon as you feel that you have protected yourself from one threat, a new variation emerges. A Managed Security Service will be able to pick up the drum beat of security for you and will be responsible for monitoring and responding to the new threats, so you can concentrate on running your business.
  1. Detection and response can save you time and money. Locking your door and checking its structural integrity once or twice a year is a valid control, but it isn’t enough. Every day, we see that breaches happen all of the time, and in companies of all sizes. While a breach may be inevitable, this event alone will not spell the end of days for a company that is prepared. Once the initial compromise happens, hackers need one thing the most to extract value from it – time. If you have solid detection mechanisms in place along with a tested response process, you will take that time away from the bad guys. It will minimize the impact of these unfortunate, yet inevitable, events to your company. In other words, it will help you ensure that one employee clicking a wrong link in the browser does not lead to all your internal sensitive data syphoned somewhere in Russia.

“Information security” and “cyber security” have become buzzwords that everyone is familiar with, and many managed IT services companies are offering varying levels of support – in addition to announcing more “managed” opportunities. IT security does not have to be confusing or something only enterprise level companies can afford.

Businesses of all sizes need to build their information security program now, and a quality Managed Security Service from an experienced provider is an affordable way of doing that. If you do not feel as though you have a strong understanding of your IT security, then perhaps it’s time for a conversation with your trusted IT provider.

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