The city of Waterville takes full responsibility for maintenance issues on the Two Cent Bridge, even when that involves cleaning up human waste, City Manager Mike Roy said Friday.

“We have a responsibility to take care of it,” Roy said.

Roy was responding to a Morning Sentinel article published Friday, reporting that Winslow resident David Nevedomsky, 58, used a bucket of water Thursday to wash a large pile of feces and toilet paper off the bridge, which connects Waterville and Winslow across the Kennebec River.

Nevedomsky said he tried to get officials in both Waterville and Winslow to clean it up, but said they did not offer to do it so he undertook the task himself with a bucket and water.

The incident underscored apparent confusion over bridge cleanup responsibilities.

But Roy said Waterville has always accepted its responsibility for the bridge, which it took ownership of in 1981.

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