During the excitement of March Madness, I was reminded that a rule change needs to be made in Maine high school basketball.

The shot clock rule is long overdue. For decades we have watched as teams during the final minutes of a game have stalled the play.

This has been very frustrating to the team that was behind in points and frustrating to the fans who were watching.

The incorporation of the shot clock rule would, I feel, result in a better game of basketball. Teams would end up playing a more competitive and higher quality of game to the very final seconds of playtime.

A trial run of the shot clock rule could begin with the 2014-15 season. At the end of the season the teams, coaches, players, referees, and fans could do an up or down vote for the new shot clock rule.

In the best interest of Maine high school basketball, I challenge the Maine Principals Association to make the shot clock rule change.

Bob Chaplin

Bar Harbor


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