I recently read a column by a South Portland police officer (“Maine Voices: Medical marijuana laws are confusing to those who have to enforce them,” April 25). He was speaking about some medical marijuana patients who were operating on the grounds of a child care facility, in a separate building.

He said there was nothing that the police could do about it because they were legal. The risk, the officer said, was that criminals could attack the legal patients, in some type of robbery or home invasion, and that could endanger the children in the day care.

In my opinion, the answer to legal behavior is not to make it illegal in order to deter bullies and criminals from committing desperate robberies.

I haven’t seen police in a hurry to shut down banks and pharmacies and jewelry stores, liquor stores and convenience stores. Criminals are attracted to money; that doesn’t mean you make business illegal to deter criminals.

The medical marijuana laws in Maine are progressive and beneficial, and as a result, many decent people, medical and recreational users, are free to live their lives free from government intrusion and interference. Thank you to the Maine Legislature and democracy!

Todd W. Peterson

South Portland



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