COLUMBUS, Ohio — A transgender prison inmate who complained about losing her breast tissue and growing facial hair after her hormone treatments were stopped must receive the treatments for the rest of her time behind bars, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Inmate Whitney Lee had undergone continuous hormone therapy since 1999 until the correction department abruptly halted the treatments in 2012. Lee, whose legal name is still Antione Lee, says she suffered a medical setback and depression when the treatments stopped.

After a two-day hearing, Judge Algenon Marbley ordered the state on Friday to permanently continue the treatments.

The prisons agency had said a psychiatrist determined Lee lacks the criteria for gender identity disorder.

Lee’s attorney, Ngozi Ndulue, said the judge’s decision means Lee will get the treatment until released from prison in seven months. Lee’s damages claim for $75,000 is still in place, Ndulue said.

The 36-year-old Lee is housed with men at Mansfield Correctional Institution, where she is serving three years on forgery and theft charges.

Lee had previously received the treatments at home, in federal prison and the Hamilton County jail, according to the Ohio Justice & Policy Center.

Lee has been living as a woman since age 18, the center’s complaint said.

Without the treatments, Lee lost breast tissue, her voice deepened, her skin became coarser and she began growing facial hair, the request said. She also was placed on suicide watch, according to the request.

“Deprivation of hormone treatment wreaks havoc on Ms. Lee’s physical and mental health and puts her life in danger,” it said.

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