As a former parishioner, associate pastor and pastor of St. John the Evangelist parish, 611 Main St., South Portland (in the area usually referred to as “Thornton Heights”), I don’t think this property should have been sold to Dunkin’ Donuts (“South Portland City Council weighs dilemma of doughnut shop location,” April 28).

Instead, there should have been someone with enough foresight to have had the buildings demolished and with the help of the city, state and federal government built a home for the elderly or an assisted living home called Ebb Tide. Many parishioners and nonparishioners in the area would have made use of these services.

Monsignor Vincent Tatarczuk did this for many years for the Diocese of Portland, and many have benefited from his foresight and services.

In his day, the money would not have gone to the neighboring parishes, as it did in this case, but would have been used for all peoples regardless of their faith.

What do you think?

Harold W. Nicknair

South Portland


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