Central Maine Power is talking about a 50 percent increase in the base cost of something that we cannot live without – electricity. To collect this increase, CMP would like to include (if approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission), a change to the fixed monthly charge on the customer’s bill, as well as an alternate rate plan that would allow periodic rate increases that would not have full review by the PUC.

I have to admit that I never expected that the wonderful state of Maine would turn against its citizens in such a devastating way. Certainly those who don’t live in Maine might attempt to relieve us of our hard-earned paycheck/savings, but Mainers taking from Mainers?

And if CMP’s proposal is approved by the PUC, what happens to those who can no longer pay the cost? What happens to people who are unemployed, people who are going through bankruptcy, people who are 65 and older who will have to make the choice between food or medicine or paying the electric bill and who are trying to stay in their own homes? We seem to make decisions based on things, not on people.

Mainers, at least when I was growing up, used to watch out for each other. If any CMP customers would like to express their opinion to CMP, you can contact them at http://1.usa.gov/1hOILsq.

Cynthia Grovo