FRYEBURG — Fryeburg police said they have recovered a stolen handgun, ammunition and other paraphernalia commonly used in robberies from a backpack that was discovered near Molly Ockett Middle School and Fryeburg’s recreational playing field complex.

Acting Chief of Police Joshua Potvin said local businesses have been warned. Their employees are being asked to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

“I’m pleased we were able to secure the weapon prior to it being discovered by a curious child,” Potvin said in a news release.

Officers discovered the backpack on land behind ELA Sheet Metal off Jockey Cap Lane. In addition to finding a loaded .22-caliber handgun and ammunition, the backpack contained a bandana, a ski mask, a hat, sunglasses, sneakers and gloves.

The Oxford County Sheriff’s Office said the weapon was stolen from a home in Brownfield.