As a peace-loving American, I find it agonizing to watch my country support repressive governments. The latest case is the U.S. government’s compliance with Israel’s renewed cruel and punitive treatment of Palestine after the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens last month.

Washington didn’t challenge Israel’s insistence (without evidence) that Hamas was responsible for the deaths. Washington remains silent over the Israel rampage that followed and continues. The homes of the supposed killers were leveled. A Palestinian youth was burned alive in an Israeli revenge killing. Gaza has been bombed night and day. Innocents have been shot at point blank range. Brutal beatings of Palestinians have escalated, which include a Palestinian-American teen vacationing in Gaza.

I feel compelled to raise my voice when I can. I don’t want to be among the silent majority. I know others share my concern.

July 9 was a national day of action to support the growing BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement to put economic pressure on Israel to stop its illegal land grabs, arrests and killings of Palestinians. The Portland BDS community is protesting Wal-Mart, which sells SodaStream, an Israeli-made product produced in the West Bank. This action was planned before the latest Israeli attacks on Palestine. It takes on new meaning now. Israel’s cruel and illegal actions shouldn’t go answered.

Pat Taub


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