It seems columnist Bill Nemitz cannot comment in your paper without drifting into an opinion that supports his prejudice (“Cutler’s camp, in need of money, looks to alter rules,” July 9).

It is a fact that citizens have leveled a lawsuit against Maine campaign financing laws that allow $3,000 per candidate for major-party members and only $1,500 for independents.

But Nemitz uses his platform to pivot into innuendo and ad hominem motives from “Camp Cutler” even though Cutler, and his “camp,” are not party to the lawsuit.

If Nemitz intended to make the point that in our hypermonetized election process, unequal financing limits are unfair to the 37 percent of Maine voters who are independents (the largest political bloc in the state), I did not read it in his words. Instead, I read talk radio-style writing about a candidate who was not a member of the Democratic Party. In short, Mr. Nemitz’s usual mojo.

The distinction between opinion and propaganda seems lost on Mr. Nemitz. Absent that distinction, it is difficult for this reader – and, I suspect, many others – to distinguish between opinion and the paid advertising that shares the same ink and electrons.

Tom Myette


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