It is uplifting to hear a gubernatorial candidate speak about his commitment to protect Maine’s environment.

At the Sept. 5 annual meeting of Sierra Club Maine, I heard U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud speak about the excellent performance of a model wind turbine that recently completed its first year of testing off Castine. Rep. Michaud is not only helping to advance that particular project, but is also communicating with the U.K. about climate change in general.

Michaud firmly believes that Maine can become a leader in converting to clean energy, and his long-term environmental record prompted Sierra Club Maine to endorse his candidacy months ago.

I have no doubt – no doubt – that Michaud will continue working to reduce carbon emissions. He says, “We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to do it.”

His positive outlook is contagious: I look forward to Mike Michaud’s tenure as Democratic governor of Maine.

Fern Stearns


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