I have been honored to serve in the Maine House for the past six years. As independent Sen. Dick Woodbury and I step aside from our elected positions, Falmouth voters will choose new representatives in the House and Senate. Falmouth citizens are fortunate to have Democrats Teresa Pierce (House District 44) and Cathy Breen (Senate District 25) on the ballot. I have watched partisan politics play an increasingly strong role in the Legislature. Those who listen actively, ask good questions, seek a strong factual foundation for decision making, and who work collaboratively to develop creative and fiscally responsible solutions, are the most effective legislators. Teresa and Cathy are such individuals.

Each will work to strengthen Maine’s economy, provide health care for Maine’s citizens, insure a strong safety net that is not being abused, protect our environment, and invest in our infrastructure, education system and Maine people. Please vote for Teresa Pierce and Cathy Breen.

Rep. Mary P. Nelson