This is not a game. It sickens me to witness political leadership resembling a sporting event. The team at all costs! Independent Eliot Cutler is the only gubernatorial candidate I trust to avoid partisanship games.

As a scientist, I know that all opinion is a best-fit theory to explain the data. Despite uncertainty in climate change opinion, the truth is that the risks are simply untenable.

Responsible corporations are acting. Apple, Google and Facebook now demand renewable power to set up new facilities. Eliot Cutler helped Ed Muskie craft the 1972 Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

Muskie’s son Ned has endorsed him. Furthermore, Cutler was associate director of natural resources, energy and science in the Carter administration.

Cutler proposes reforming Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection from the top down and rebranding Maine as a winner in the “new climate economy.” He’s the best fit for me and for Maine.

Mary Rice


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