My family started our business, Volk Packaging Corporation, in 1967. We were the first company in the Biddeford Industrial Park and have been proud Biddeford taxpayers for almost 50 years. We are hoping to stay on Morin Street for another 50 years. To do that, however, we need a strong Maine economy. We need a manufacturing base so we have customers who need to buy boxes. And we need Augusta to make decisions and pass laws that help, not hinder, our continued success.

I have researched the candidates for House Seat 11 and I am convinced that Debi Davis is the candidate Biddeford should send to Augusta. Debi has a long history of learning about what makes people and businesses survive and thrive from her hundreds of radio interviews.

Debi is a great listener. She is not stuck in rigid ideologies, but will listen to both sides before casting her vote. We have enough legislators in Augusta who strictly vote party line ”“ we don’t need another one. For all these reasons and many more, I urge the good citizens of Biddeford to vote for Debi Davis.

Derek Volk, president, Volk Packaging, Biddeford