What a great time to be part of history. This is not really about you or me. It’s about access to Casco Bay for all Cumberland residents. Forever.

The ballot question is very cryptic. It essentially says, should Cumberland buy a piece of land for $3 million?

Here’s how the question should read:

Shall the town purchase a certain property approximately 20-plus acres that looks like a state park, is loaded with wildlife, habitats, great blue heron, eagles, osprey and many land creatures and also includes almost a half mile of coastline, an outbuilding and a 200-foot pier on Casco Bay, so that all Cumberland residents will have access to the ocean for this generation and forever? Purchase price is not to exceed $3 million, which is below the town’s fair market appraisal and is estimated to cost the average homeowner $29-$57 per year for 20 years?

We can be proud to say yes.

David Melville

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