Over the past five years during the formation and launch of the RSU, it has become clear that conflict and differences in priorities are dramatically hurting progress and the quality of our schools. During that time, I kept thinking that we’d turn a corner, that “there has to be a way to work through this.” And now it seems as though we’ve reached an impasse – we’ve tried, but our three communities aren’t able to constructively work together.

Let the voting record speak – Pownal and Durham, as members of the RSU, collectively have had 22 opportunities to vote and show their support for education. Only once have they voted “yes.” In that same period, Freeport has passed 100 percent of the school votes. Perhaps it’s finally time to “agree to disagree.”

Our competent and committed teachers and motivated students should benefit from a community that supports them and values education. I trust that on our own we will be able to shape a bright future, strive for academic excellence and make prudent financial decisions – all with a common goal. I am hopeful that returning to local control also allows us to restore relations with our neighbors in Pownal and Durham and offers their children the same opportunities.

It is our civic responsibility to make decisions that support our community and help it prosper, and quality education is a cornerstone in that formula. The time is now – let’s stand strong, tall and proud as a Freeport school district and community. I am going to vote yes on Nov. 4 and urge you to do the same.

Katie Spaulding


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