I am writing in response your report on Maine’s EBT photo issue with the USDA.

The photo policy states many reasons why you wouldn’t have to get your picture. Domestic violence is one.

I went in to do my six-month review and expressed how I did not want my photo on my card as I was a domestic violence victim. I was given an option to either get my photo on my card or not get my benefits.

I looked over to the huge laminated poster hanging in the office and pointed to the sign stating domestic violence victims would be exempt. Mind you, this was only one of the many printouts hanging in DHHS about this issue. And still the worker just got aggravated and rudely asked if I wanted my benefits or not.

I do not believe this is fair. And I would like domestic violence victims’ voices to be heard on this issue.

I am now out of my abusive situation, which caused me to lose my vision in my left eye and live the rest of my life with a brain shunt and debilitating headaches. The veins in my brain were collapsed in an abusive relationship and I am scared to death of my ex-husband.

Now I have to worry about not getting my benefits since I don’t want my photo on a food stamp card. I am a hard working mother of three children, so of course I took the photo to get my benefits.

Domestic violence has very low support in the state of Maine and with DHHS its obvious we won’t be heard. Just thought I would share. They do not leave an option even when it’s their own words they go against.

Take a stand against domestic violence and give us the chance to be heard. We do exist and do matter.

T.L. Libby