FALMOUTH — Superintendent Geoff Bruno presented a pilot teacher evaluation model at the School Board’s monthly workshop on Monday.

Bruno said the model is the culmination of work done over a couple of years in response to state legislation requiring the district to update the way educators are evaluated. He said the plan they have will require School Board approval in the spring.

Bruno said the district had their own voluntary plan to submit to the state for approval. He said if the School Department does not submit its own plan, it would have to adopt state law, and said they hope their plan “is superior to the one the state gives.”

There are three components to the plan, which will be implemented over three academic years.

The first component is the Marshall Evaluation Rubric. This is a set of teacher evaluations that look at issues relating to a teacher’s job performance, such as classroom management, delivery of instruction, and family and community outreach. It is rated on a 1-4 scale, with four being “highly effective” and one being “does not meet standards.”

The second component is SMART goal setting, which is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Bruno said evaluation will be based on what the goal is and the actions taken to achieve it. Again, performance will be rate 1-4.

The third component is student growth measurement, also be on a 1-4 scale. Four means a student “exceeded expectations by 10 percent,” three means the student “met expectations,” two means they “approached within 20 percent,” and one means the student “fell short by at least 20 percent.”

The first year, 90 percent of teacher evaluation will come from the Marshall Rubric, while 10 percent will come from setting SMART goals, and none from student growth measurement.

The second year 85 percent of evaluation will come from the Marshall Rubric, 10 percent from setting SMART goals and 5 percent from student growth measurement.

The third year, evaluation will break down at 80 percent, 10 percent, and 10 percent respectively.

If the model is approved by the School Board it will be submitted to the Maine Derpartment of Education by June 1, 2015, Bruno said.

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